You won't find a better place than Jay's Smokin' BBQ for street tacos, loaded nachos and nachos served with nacho cheese. Learn More. Full-Service Catering. Get expert, full-service catering for your upcoming special occasion from Jay's Smokin' BBQ. Call us for pricing and food options! Oct 08, 2021 · Nachos: a saga. The Salt Lick long reigned over the ACL Eats turf when it came to nachos. It does not make sense, no. ... Black's BBQ serves smoked sausage on a stick ($11). The sausage is meat, with a delicious smoked flavor, inside a casing. It's then skewered on a thin wooden dowel, which we'd say is stick-like in its properties. ... Jul 22, 2021 · Pork butt, which comes from the shoulders of the pig, makes the most amazing pulled pork, which you can use in sandwiches, tacos, nachos, on top of rice, or served with potatoes. By injecting your meat, you'll also save some time as overnight marinades or rubs are optional. From our fries to slabs, everything is made in house to elevate the BBQ experience. We are conforming to all CDC guidelines in our restaurant during this situation. Taking all precautions with sanitizing as well as having the safe staff who are healthy and keeping safe. ... Come on in or take to go Duke Nachos. DIRTY SOUTH NACHOS. fried chicken skin ‘chips’ with a pimento cheese fondue and jalapeño pickled okra $ 11 $ 12 ... KOREAN BBQ. fried and tossed in a gochujang BBQ sauce, then grilled and served with scallions $ 13 $ 13 ... Section 314 - BBQ Mexicana Section 315 - Evel Pie Section 328 - Ferraro's Pizza Section 336 - Viva Las Noches Section 338 - Battle Born. Melissa's Healthy Snacks Section 324 - Boulevard Bar Modelo Cantina Club - Pizza Rock Section 104 - Neon Dog Section 106 - Holsteins Section 117 - Tastes of the Nation Section 122 - BBQ Mexicana