Now, generously sprinkle each jalapeno popper with crispy panko and line on a lightly greased, foil lined baking sheet. Step 6: How to Bake Jalapeno Poppers Bake jalapeno poppers at 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes or until the jalapenos are softened and the filling is hot. Cheesy sausage-based filling in little cups made from baked won ton wrappers. The baked cups and filling may be prepared a day or two in advance (store covered in the refrigerator) and assembled shortly before serving. Jalapeno Popper Wonton Cups These Jalapeño Popper Wonton Cups are loaded with bacon, jalapeños, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and sour cream....all in a crispy wonton shell! The perfect party or game day appetizer! The wontons must be cooked in boiling water separately and then served with chicken stock. I have made these many times and different variations. Usually, I will substitute diced shitake mushrooms (soaked for several hours) in place of the shrimp and … Jalapeno Popper Wonton Cups. Sausage Rolls. Cranberry Brie Bites. Cheesy Meatball Bites. Roast Beef Crostini. Spinach Artichoke Wontons. Easy Olive Tapenade. Savory Parmesan Cookies. Authentic Italian Bruschetta. Tzatziki Avocado Salmon Rolls. Spring Rolls. Easy Pretzel Bites. Crab Stuffed Mushrooms. Crab Imperial. Jalapeno Popper Stuffed ... Feb 23, 2020 · Jalapeno popper wonton cups can be made in advance but I don’t usually fill and bake them until serving. To prep ahead, bake the wonton cups until crisp and allow to cool. Prepare the filling mixture as directed.